This collection of 30 rock star wedding photos lets us relive some of the happiest days of our favorite musicians' lives, as they dressed to the nines and stood in front of the whole world to declare their undying love for the people with whom they wanted to spend the rest of their lives

Of course, as a result of the difficulties that can come with trying to balance the globe-hopping and time-intensive demands of rock stardom with a more domesticated lifestyle, or for various other reasons, you'll see some of those famous happy faces alongside new, different (and yes, often younger) happy faces more than once or twice below.

From Elvis Presley's May 1967 wedding to Priscilla Ann Beaulieu, we travel chronologically through photographs of some of the most famous weddings in rock history. You'll find six different examples of various Beatles saying "I do," Rod Stewart scoring a very impressive hat trick and Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson at the beach – one of three Motley Crue-related weddings. We'll also witness Kiss founder and longtime anti-marriage spokesman Gene Simmons finally tying the knot with his longtime love Shannon Tweed, and much, much more.

(Just to anticipate your totally logical and understandable "how come (insert favorite rock star name)'s wedding isn't included here?" questions: We'd love to include each and every classic rock-related wedding in history, but we decided to stick with just some of our favorites here. Maybe we'll visit some others the second time around?)

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