I get to glimpse ahead in the 'Today in Rock History' (TIRH) vault to see some pretty interesting stuff.  Much of it makes it to the segment each morning on 97X, but sometimes there's a lot more info to tell than the time would allow.  Some other times you couldn't possibly do an event justice no matter how much time you had.  The RFK assassination is one of those things.  While I wasn't old enough to comprehend it at the time, it's reverberations changed the atmosphere in which I was raised.  The loss of innocence of 1968 and the equally rabid Summer of Love the following year set the tone for my upbringing, much like 9/11 must have for another generation.

But much like when we are on the air, I digress.  While communicating the impact of the Kennedy assassination (and the MLK killing two months earlier) isn't possible with a few minutes on the radio, I can dig into the story for one tidbit I didn't previously know.  And pass that along to you:  I had no idea that the person who wrenched the assassin's gun from his hand was none other than former NFL player Rosey Grier!  After taking the weapon, Grier, who was Ethel's Kennedy's security detail at the time, then put the weapon in his coat pocket, and as Grier tells it, "Prevented the mob from tearing Sirhan apart. No more violence."

BillEpperidge/Time Warner/Getty Image