Winter is pretty unforgiving when it comes to road upkeep around the Midwest, so when the snow melts and the temps go up, there's a pretty small window of opportunity to get out and fix roads before they go from "inconvenient" to "impossible."

Crews are out in earnest patching and cutting and filling. This picture here is from my neighborhood, where the annual stomping of asphalt into the concrete has begun as well. I don't understand this "Fix" as trying to mate two different materials and form anything permanent never works. But there must be some reason, probably financial in nature, that the crews use this process.

I'm not a big fan of the mixed-material road surface, but I guess the fact that they aren't using the automated truck to patch the street is a step up. That truck with the automatic arm will spray a mixture of oil and gravel into and around a crack or pothole, leaving a sticky, rocky mess for cars to drive over.
It's like fixing the road with the same principle your kid uses to put glitter on a home-made greeting card.

So be careful of the crews that are out and about, and be careful not to drive where they just put down the patch, or more of it will end up in your wheel wells that on the street.