When driving in inclement weather it is important to always be aware of your surroundings. This is especially true if your surroundings include a tornado that is making a beeline for your vehicle.

Even though we can easily see the tornado in the video, driver Anthony Ciarrocchi could not. He offered up this explanation in the video's description:

My Camera is on high exposure to pull all available light. My eyes do not have such a setting so I could not see it. Maybe if I squinted really hard I might have.. Apparently no one but the van driver saw it either as EVERYONE keep driving south.. My reaction was a fight or flight and I fled the scene before I became part of it.. When I realize what was happening it was on top of me and it was time to go.. Quickly and not stare at it. MY honking woke people out of their shock.. So maybe I saved them, snapped them back to reality... Maybe... NOT