Paul Walker died doing what he loved, some will say.  Well, if screaming your head off while sliding out of control into a tree and tasting your own melting flesh before you die is, "doing what he loved," then I guess they would be right.

I say he was killed by plain stupidity, and that he'd rather have those last few minutes to redo.  We all have our stupid moments, and most of us are lucky enough to live through them.  Some of us even learn from them.

The Fast and Furious film series was in the middle of shooting it's 7th installment, and without him they will have to try and find a way to carry on.  However if you look at the films, the only one not worth making was the episode in which he didn't appear. Hollywood didn't realize this at the time of the Tokyo Drift filming, and underestimated his draw to the films.  They corrected that mistake quickly, and soon devised the formula which has since turned this little cult film that could into a plotless but pleasing money-printing operation   I am for stopping the series where it lay as a tribute to him as the star who carried the franchise.  But that idea doesn't allow for a big opening weekend, so watch for a much more Hollywood solution.

Eamonn McCormack, Getty Images