Eighth grade teacher JoAnne Bolser in Mobile, Alabama is retiring at the end of the year. According to at least one of her colleagues, she's well respected in the community. Probably not as much as she used to be.

Bolser decided to go out with a bang last Friday by giving students a math test where all the questions were about pimps, prostitutes, and drugs. It's a fake test that dates back to the mid '80s and it's been circulating online since the mid '90s. It's supposed to be funny, but it's really just racist.

One of the questions on the version JoAnne used said, "Tyrone knocked up 4 girls in the gang. There are 20 girls in his gang. What is the exact percentage of girls Tyrone knocked up?" (Not that it matters, but the correct answer is 20%.)

Another question was, "Dwayne pimps 3 ho's. If the price is $85 per trick, how many tricks per day must each ho turn to support Dwayne's $800 per day crack habit?" (Again, it doesn't matter, but the answer is four. And that's a hefty crack habit.)

According to Snopes, "The L.A. Math Test" is an Internet humor piece from 1993 with photocopied versions dating back to the mid 80s. Here's an example of the test:


A bunch of parents complained after their kids told them about it over the weekend. So JoAnne's been on administrative leave this week. It looks like that's how she'll end her teaching career, because their last day of school was Wednesday.

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