Ron Bellomy. What a great guy. I first met him from a mutual friend back in early '91 (thanks Malcom Ryker). There he was, king of the antiques down at Riverbend in Davenport.

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He ruled over those resting artifacts full of historical and hysterical significance as if he was also one of them. I spent many afternoons thereafter just hanging at the shop, talking about life. About the people who had shaped ours. About Music.

He was like a walking talking encyclopedia of everything. Everything. Warm, genuine, and somehow just a little bit cooler than everyone else in the room. When I look at the furnishings in my home, everywhere I turn I see Ron. He was someone who saw worth in things that others may have cast aside. That's about the best thing I can say about a person.

Godspeed my brother. Rest in Peace.