Today, back in 1978, Terry Kath - guitarist and some-times-lead-vocalist for the band Chicago accidentally took his own life, about a week before his 32nd birthday.  He was demonstrating what he thought was an un-loaded gun, pointed it at his head, and pulled the trigger.  He was not aware of the bullet in the chamber.  Man, that day just sucked!

Here's three things you may not have known about Terry Kath:  One, he was the first guitarist of any "fame" to have a guitar decorated with a Chicago Blackhawks logo.  Two, he was called by some prominent musicians "The White Ray Charles" because of his lower-pitched vocal sound and style.  Three, when Jimi Hendrix saw him play for the first time, Jimi said "he's better than me".  So, on this day Chicago fans, and fans of the late Terry Kath: I definitely salute you!