Every Friday Morning for more than 2 decades, 'Party Town' ended the Dwyer and Michaels broadcast week, and escorted in the weekend.

Glenn Frey, guitarist, vocalist, and founding member of The Eagles passed away today, according to reports from his management to TMZ.  Frey was suffering from intestinal issues through the end of the last year.  His condition forced the band to cancel some dates, including an appearance at the Kennedy Honors last December.

Before the Eagles, Frey was recruited by Linda Ronstadt and her manager to be in her backing band in 1971. It was through her that he met the other founding members Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, and Randy Meisner.

The four only played one gig with Ronstadt before deciding, with her blessing, to form their own band.

Frey's vocals and lyrics helped the band create and continue their California sound, with heavy influences of country.  It was Frey who insisted the band name be only, "Eagles."

He left the band in 1980 for a solo career, and reunited for the When Hell Freezes Over tour and album.  He was currently a member of the Eagles, enjoying a renewed success with the recent, History of the Eagles tour and release.  The Eagles have sold hundreds of millions of records, perennially in the top album sales rankings worldwide.

Glenn was 67.  His solo song 'Party Town' has been the last song of The Dwyer and Michaels Friday Morning Show every week for 27 years.  Party Town, indeed.

Here's Glenn on stage at the iWireless Center the last time the Eagles were in town:

Kevin Walker/Townsquare
Kevin Walker/Townsquare