Well, I also have a stupid talent.


I know what you're thinking--It must be difficult for me to choose just ONE dumb thing I'm capable of doing, but I'm Spring Cleaning and found this gem.  When my wife and I go to lunch, usually at the Circle, this superpower emerges.  When a beer is at a perfect level in the can, it will rest on it's corner.  The trick is to only do it once, and guess exactly.  Too much and your beer will roll and fall, and spill on to the bartender.  Too little and it won't stay on an angle.  I told you it was Dumb.

Talent like this doesn't just land in your lap.  Much credit goes to My Father-in-law Richard Felger, who tutored me many times in this craft, until I finally was able to do it on my own.  Of course, by that time, the cans were leaning, I was falling!  I hope the cans in Heaven are all leaning....