The worst part about the summer? Bug bites, easy. Especially mosquitoes, you know since they carry the West Nile virus and now the Zika virus. Here are some remedies that can help relieve your itch.

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  1. Antihistamine cream. Any over-the-counter antihistamine cream will help soothe the itch of a mosquito bite. Just make sure that the active ingredient is dyphenhradamine.
  2. Ice or a cold compress. The cold will numb the itch and as a plus any swelling will be relieved as well.
  3. Toothpaste. Applying regular toothpaste to a bite area will relieve itch and can even reduce the pain of a fire ant bite.
  4. Baking soda and water. Apply the paste to the bite and leave it for a few minutes. It neutralizes the pH of the skin.
  5. Lemon and lime juice. Only use this if you haven't already scratched the bites. Citrus will sting any open cuts and can also lead to severe sunburn.
  6. Vinegar. Use some drops on a cotton ball or pour a couple cups into a bathtub to soak in.
  7. Essential oils. Tea tree oil has natural antiseptic properties that help to relieve itching. Lavender oil will help reduce swelling.
  8. Honey. Honey acts as a anti-bacterial ointment that keeps bites clean and will lessen swelling.
  9. Aloe vera. Apply the gel directly to the bite, it will reduce itching and swelling.
  10. Tea bags. Putting tea bags on your eyes will reduce puffiness and it will do the same thing to mosquito bites.
  11. A slap. A slap to the area will trigger the pain response in your brain and will take the place of the itch.

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