There's a recreational league in The Quad Cities with its roots in Canada, but also grade school gym class. Dek Hockey. It's played like the floor hockey you loved in grade school, but with full boards the action never stops.  It's a great way to spend a night, or a Summer.

Quad Cities Dek Hockey

I got to know the director of Dek Hockey while he played for the Mallards a few years ago (Some of his former teammates, and current Mallards play Dek in the off season.)  Patrick Levesque is the leagues' biggest champion, and will talk your ear off about it if given the chance.

My son Joey started playing, and quickly became better than me for sure, and it wasn't long before he was starting his own team of kids from school.  Fast young, and high scoring is one way to get through a season--but it also works for my style, which is heavy-breathing old guy on defense.  Take a moment when you see the lights on over the rink some night this summer, and stop out.

Registration for the next season of dek hockey is about to open up. Stop by the Dek Hockey Pro Shop if you're interested in joining a league. Go to for more information.

Registration times are February 27th 12pm-2pm, March 11th 6pm-7:30pm, and March 13th 1pm-4pm.

Don't think Dek hockey is a blast? Check out my highlight reel from last year: