If you ever get a chance to stop out to Rascals in Moline and talk with the owners, Ken and Julie, you will understand what total commitment is.  That bar has been hosting local and touring acts as long as I can remember.  I hate to say it, but I can remember when young Kenny was hauling buckets of ice while his old man and I argued about whether Elvis actually played the Cal Ballroom.  Ken Sr. was right of course, it was Hendrix…but I digress.

Kenny still hauls ice around, and books bands, plays drums, and lives a relative life of chaotic bliss with his beautiful wife Julie at the rocking-est corner bar in the Quad Cities.  I've said it before, when people are born to do something, it shows.  That's why Rascals is a favorite hang-out of mine even when there isn't a live show there.

So when Kenny called me to tell me he had booked Brett Michaels at the RL (Rascals Live Showcase next door), I knew it was a pretty big deal for him.  That show will be March 14th, and having seen Brett perform before, I can tell you that show will not disappoint.  I am also excited about another band RL is putting up on stage next weekend.  L.A. Guns, a hard-rocking outfit from the pre-grunge late 80's/early 90's who had a fistful of hits that the 97X everybody remembers played in heavy rotation.  My wife and I were dating when they were at the pinnacle of their run, so we are pretty psyched to go!  That show is on the 7th. Traci Guns is long-gone, but the singer Phil Lewis and drummer Steve Riley are hammering away.  That "Cocked and Loaded" CD is in heavy rotation still at the Dwyer castle.  By the way, L.A. Guns is also where Axl Rose got his start, screaming for those guys in the early days of the band (he tried to steal some members away when he quit/was fired, but landed on his feet as we all know).  So I hope to see you at these shows.  Buy some tickets and grab a friend that you haven't seen in a decade or so.

And keep the hits coming, Kenny.