The Pop Out Boyz are an amateur rap group from Brooklyn, New York. It's hard for amateurs like them, since rappers seem to be legally required to rap about how much money they have and these dudes ain't got no money.

Last May, the Pop Out Boyz started committing credit card fraud. They used stolen card numbers to charge $258,000 worth of stuff at Barney's department store in Manhattan, and they tried to spend $156,000 at Saks Fifth Avenue but got rejected.

Then they wrote a song called "For a Scammer". It had lines like, "Early morning up at Saks Fifth, you see it, you want it, you have it," and, "I'm cracking cards cause I'm a scammer."


The NYPD had been investigating the Pop Out Boyz for several months, and the song was the last piece they needed. They arrested 39 people on Tuesday, including the Pop Out Boyz and a bunch of their friends.

They've all been charged with grand larceny, conspiracy, and more.

New York Police Department

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