New Belgium with a taste smelled 'round the world!

Just the Facts

Bottle temp at opening: 36 degrees.

Drinking temp: 37 degrees.

Nose: The burning scent of skunk dipped in vinegar.

Taste: Hops to the left, hops to the right.

5 out of 6 bottles

Whew, this New Belgium brewers' IPA is so hoppy I wanna go to iHop and surrender.  But, since I don't appreciate being looked at weird, I will just sip this pal here, trying to ignore the feeling that I'm sitting in a room with all new tires.

The squeaky, new rubber feel is all over this Ranger, from the nose to the drinking.  My mouth is so dry I'm eating cotton balls just to bring back a little moisture.  Just what they were going for I'm sure.