We shared this photo on our Facebook page the other day in the hopes of helping catch the thief. Luckily he returned to the scene of the crime and was arrested.

Computer Evolution

38-year-old Ricky Rains went into Computer Evolution this past Saturday and walked out with an Apple Magic Mouse and a copy of Microsoft Office. The worst part of it all? He used a young girl to help block the cameras so he could steal the product.

Store owner Brian Handley told WQAD, "The gentleman stood here and then called the young girl over to block our cameras."

"That's what's really, really sad and that's what I think really struck a nerve with me," Brian said.

Rains returned to the store on Tuesday. Brian informed him that he could either return the items or pay for them. When Rains said he did not have the items or the money, he tried to run from the store.

Brian followed the shoplifter as he crossed 53rd street in Davenport and made his way south, zig-zagging around businesses. Police eventually caught up and arrested Rains for theft.

Davenport Police Department