Full disclosure:  This band played my wedding.  Literally. My wedding.  Also my wedding reception.  So, to say I've got a special place in my heart for them would be a giant understatement.

Before I met them, the name "Wicked Liz & The Bellyswirls" stuck out when deciding who to see in the back pages of The Reader.  I saw them at Stickmans probably 15 years ago. The biggest difference between then and now?...the singer was shy.  Liz has since found herself in a big way.  One of the biggest and best personalities I've ever met... fronting a band of the biggest and best personalities I've ever met.

I'm a fan of every person in this band for very different reasons, but for brevity's sake I'll just say go watch this band.  Whether it's Wicked Liz & The BellySwirls, or the bands side project Superfly Samurai, you will have a great time.

There are professional, millionaire touring bands that can't make a crowd feel the way this band does.  They should teach a class on it..but between Bob selling houses, Leo drawing cartoons, Liz feeding the qc's & Greg teaching kids how to play music on & off stage... actually now that I think about it...I guess Greg's got this one covered.

I coaxed Liz into the studio for a question and answer session...which turned into just that...one question, one incredibly well thought out, detailed description of the bands writing process and explanation of the song "Break Me".  Just another reason WLBS are regarded as pros all the way.  Made my job super easy.   And just like any other time I'm with these folks...it was fun!

1. Name of the band
Wicked Liz & the Bellyswirls

2. Member names and what they do:
Liz Treiber: lead vocal, tambourine, acoustic guitar, unsolicited adviser to the Bellyswirls

Bob Kelly: Bass, backing vocals, Story teller, Booking, Marketing, and Management

Leo Kelly: Lead Guitarist, backing vocals, Liz's Kettlebell coach, Band Caricatures/Album design

Greg Hipskind: Drums, Rhythm, backing vocals, Social Media man, mustard aficionado

(Not on album) live performances with Special guest Ezra Sidran on Keys, "Wicked" website designer (and Hopefully he has a Wicked Liz & the Bellyswirls video game in the works)

3. What kind of music you play
I'd say pop-Rock:Think Josie and the Pussycats meets the Rolling Stones. Or maybe more recent reference is Pink meets the Rolling Stones? I dunno what's relevant at this point, but the Stones are always relevant!

4. Influences
Where do I begin?  Personally? The entire Band? I think the entire band brings a lot to the table by way of influences. that's what gives us such a nice well rounded sound. We don't do anything too long or too much. I lived in Texas until 4th grade, so my early childhood was full of Janis Joplin and Johnny Cash, then enters Madonna, TLC, Cranberries, Sheryl Crow , the Dixie Chicks....I'm not ashamed to say I like any genre. Ask the boys and you'll get Kiss and Cheap Trick , the Stones and the Beatles. But what musician wasn't influenced by the Beatles or the Stones?   I feel at home when I sing something a little edgy, a little more Blues or Rock, or Both. What do you call that? Block Music? Did I just coin a phrase? I tend to write with more of a country feel and then Leo adds the Rock guitar and totally changes the feel of the song. That's what I love about collaborating!   I'm sure people would be surprised to hear something from conception to final product. I wonder what some of the greatest Rock songs sounded like before the final product?

5. Where to find your music: iTunes, facebook YouTube, CD baby, SoundCloud, Google Play, Sonic Bids, MySpace, Disc-Go-round,

6. Where the band is from
Even though I wasn't born here I consider myself a quad-citian. We're from the Quad Cities! At one point, we realized each of us was living is a different city within the Quad Cities. We love calling this place home!

7. Contact information for booking
Please contact our amazing Manager and Bass Player Bob Kelly: thebobkelly@gmail.com

8. Any equipment or product endorsements
QC Rock Academy provides practice space and sponsors all of our rehearsals!
I'm working on a Hurts Donut endorsement but they won't return my emails!

9. Upcoming shows you’d like to promote?
July 9- Yardarm, Dubuque,  IA 8-13
Juky 23 - Harley Corins, Bettendorf 9-1
July 30 - 3 in 3rd Street Fest, Downtown Davenport 6-9pm

*more dates on our website.

10. Have you opened for any regional or national bands?
Richard Marx
Corey Feldman Band
REO Speedwagon
Hootie and the Blowfish
Einsteins Sister
Lynn Allen
Snatch ( or was it Trim?)

11. Favorite band memory or accomplishment
I think I can speak for the band when I say our favorite accomplishment is having a band last so many years with the original line-up. We've hung tight and stuck through 3 studio Albums, a DVD, and over 16 years of road trips... Doing this without these guys doesn't even seem like an option.

I heart the Bellyswirls!!



Look at all the offers, taking every chance
Flying through town by the seat of my pants.
Taking big risks, enjoying every gamble,
I could care less if I stumble.

Dont you try to break me
Why would you wanna take me down
Don't you try to break me

Rolling up my sleeves, getting down to business,
Not gonna stop until I win this
Shaking up the scene, saying what I mean,
Getting things started like fire on gasoline

Why would you want to break me
Don't you try to take me down
Don't you try to break me

Don't you try to break me
Why would you want to take me down
Try to take me down
Don't you try to break me!

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