During the Covid-19 pandemic there are people in our lives that are doing extra for us or doing what they normally do, but in these circumstances, it is anything but normal.

From the nurses and doctors on the front lines.  To the delivery drivers still providing us food and the ability to shop.  The grocery store workers, pharmacy techs, first responders, the stay at home parents who are both working their "normal" job and taking care of the family and so many more.

So many in our community are working so hard and putting their health on the line to keep our lives going.  KIIK 104.9 wants to recognize them!  Nominate your "Hometown Hero" today.  Tell us why they deserve a little extra love right now.  Tami will tell all of the Quad Cities about them every day in the 2:00 PM hour.

It's a little something to hopefully make somebody's day special as we continue to stay strong together in the Quad Cities.

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