Rock Falls native Frank Harts, known for his roll in HBO's "The Leftovers", is adding two more shows to his resume. Frank will be playing an FBI agent on both Showtime's "Billions" and Hulu's "The Path".

“I’m not one of the lead characters yet, but this is by far the most involved I have been in a season arc. Every show I do where the creators write for my character opens doors.”

(Frank Harts / Facebook)

Showtime has order 12 episodes of "Billion", a drama that revolves around politics and power in the world of Wall Street. Harts will play FBI agent Dale Christo and will first appear in the second episode.

Hulu has plans for 10 episodes of "The Path" in 2016. The first drama for Hulu examines a family at the center of a controversial faith-based movement struggling with relationships, marriage, and power. Harts will also play an FBI agent who investigates those involved with the cult.

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Here's Frank "getting into character" for his roll as an FBI agent: