It seems like just yesterday we had Alex Tanney throwing trick shots on Brady Street, learning how to drive a forklift, and begging for cash on I-74. They grow up so fast.

Alex first gained notoriety when a video he posted on YouTube of him doing football trick shots went viral:

Just a little over a year after he posted that video, Alex joined the Kansas City Chiefs in June of 2012. In July of 2013 he signed with the Dallas Cowboys only to sign with the Cleveland Browns in November of that year.

That brings us to January 2014. Alex Tanney visited us in studio to tell us about how he made his way up from Monmouth College to the NFL. We decided to test his skills and see if his trick shots were still up to snuff:

May 21, 2014, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sign Tanney and in December of 2014 he signs to the Tennessee Titans practice squad. Alex joined the Buffalo Bills in September of 2015 for less than a month. September 29th Alex joined the Indianapolis Colts practice squad.

In December of last year Tanney was signed back onto the Titans where he finally threw his first touchdown pass:

Monmouth grad Alex Tanney's slinging, now 6-for-6 with his first TD...

Posted by Jason Fechner on Sunday, January 3, 2016

We're glad to see Alex doing great things with his career. At least he's not trying to drive a forklift anymore:

Alex runs a football passing academy in Geneseo. There are two classes coming up in February. Get all the information at