Greetings All:

We taped today's show and it was absolutely fantastic!  We had on Pat Angerer, NFL and Hawkeye linebacker, Steve Grubbs, former Iowa Republican State Party Chair and Rich Darby with Operation Honor Guard.  More on this to follow.  However, for right now, I wanted to share something that might be of interest to some of you- the Citizenship Test.

My Dad took this test in 1962 and millions of others have done the same thing.  For those of us who won the "birth lottery" and had the divine good fortune to be born in America, we did not have to take this exam.  If you ever wondered how you would do, here's your chance.

Thanks to our friends at The Christian Science Monitor, you can test your citizenship knowledge here.

Oh, and by the way, I did miss two questions.  One was lazy math on my part and the other one I'm still a bit miffed about as the question could have had two right answers.

Something tells me my Dad got them all right.

Be well my friends,