1 in 5 children in the QCA are missing meals.  For the next 6 weeks, 16 area high-schools have made a commitment to help provide food for people in need. Students compete to see which school can collect the most food in the 6 weeks of the drive, all of which will be weighed at and donated to the River Bend Food Bank, November 10.

Winners will be announced in 3 divisions and are based on pounds per student. Although they are competing, the goal is the same for all of the schools. Our area high school students want to fight hunger and they need the support and help of our community to do it.

Whats cooler than seeing a teenager put their heart and soul, time and energy into helping others? Seeing the entire community come together to help our high school students make a change for their fellow students in need!

Most needed food items:

canned meats, canned fruits, stews, soups, cereals, chili.

Between now and November 10, Non-perishable food donations can be dropped off at participating High Schools or the River Bend Foodbank. For information on cash donations please visit shdquadcities.org or call 563-484-0790.

2016 Participating High Schools




Davenport Central

Davenport North

Davenport West


Morning Star Academy

North Scott


Pleasant Valley

QC Christian

Rock Island

Rivermont Collegiate

Thurgood Marshall Learning Center

United Township