I ran into John & Jenny from Barncore Betty this past Sunday.  We were at Hook's Pub to see Hillbilly Casino & The Krank Daddies.  I had been in touch with John to record an interview in studio...but since we were there (for what turned out to be a KILLER show), we hunkered down over a couple beers and talked song writing.

What you'll hear in the clip below, is a lot of background noise. We're in a bar.  But...what we didn't expect was the PA to turn on in the middle of our interview.  So, part of it sounds like a fun party atmosphere, and the other sounds quiet & eerie (with traffic sometimes). A nice little metaphor for the band, I'd say.

Barncore Betty is a 3 piece band made up of a mom, dad & son. Don't be thinking "Partridge Family" here...this is some boot stompin', acoustic roots rock that would make David Cassidy sing "I Think I Love You" to Ned Beatty.

01. Name of the band
Barncore Betty

02. Members of the band and what they do
Jenny Doyle vocals, rhythm guitar, ukulele

John Doyle vocals, lead guitar.

Keith Barber Vocals, upright wash-tub bass, mandolin, banjo

03. What kind of music
Roots-Rock, Rock-a-billy, Folk-n-roll ... Barncore

04. Influences
Johnny Cash, White Stripes, Jayke Orvis, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Devil Makes 3, AC/DC, ZZTOP, Pantera, Stevie Ray Vaughn

05. Where to find your music
Barncore Betty on Facebook , www.reverbnation.com/barncorebetty, You Tube , Johnny Outlaw music on band camp.com (3 free CDs available for free download), Johnny Outlaw "Barefoot in the Dirt" CD available on iTunes n Amazon.

06. Where the band is from
Clinton, Iowa

07. Contact information for booking
Contact John Doyle 563 249 5888 or email the band barncorebetty@yahoo.com

08. Any equipment or product endorsements
The band plays. Sure Super 55 Microphones, Crafter Acoustic Guitars, Takamine Acoustic 12 string Guitar, Ibanez Mandolins n Banjos, Amahi Ukulele, Upright Wash-Tub Bass was created by John n Keith.

09. Upcoming shows you'd like to promote

September 24,  October 22, November 19 (2016) at the E.M.B.E. Eatery and Lounge in Galena, IL

John n Jen at the Bombfire Pizza in Sabula,IA October 15

See John's ZZTOP tribute band Voodoo Healin at Hooks Pub in Clinton, Iowa on November 5th opening for AC/DC tribute Electric Shock

10. Notable acts you've played with?

Krank Daddies, Filthy Still, Jane Rose and the Dead End Boys, Hillbilly Casino, Calamity Cubes, Stevie Tombstone, Giving Tree Band, Also performed the Spirit of Peace n Music Festival with Several huge acts Los Lonely Boys, Chevelle, Filter, Everclear 50 bands

11. Favorite band memory of accomplishment

Jenny- "The 1st time I heard someone singing the lyrics to one of our songs."

John ... Playing at 2 Jo's n Van Horne,IA Halloween show with Body Suspension, Fire Dancer, magicians, seances, midget bowling, haunted house ...

Keith. Jodi Phillips created a mystery dinner theater to have our band perform n act in as a band from England ... in a wine cellar at a bed n breakfast in Belle Plaine, IA ... Brady Sachsenmaier (High Five Sinners) played drums with us

barncore betty band

The Last Stand of William T.

 Music and Lyrics by John Doyle and Jenny Doyle

It was on his birthday He was ten years old
Old man left this world bout an hour before.
Yesterday asked daddy what's it take to be a man?
Said the world will knock you down son you gotta make a stand.
Said dad I'm not sure I don't think I understand.
Keep a firm handshake and never bend in the wind
You gotta be rough and tough like rattlesnake hide
He loved him and his mama until the day he died.

He said this is my house. This is my land
You take it from me when you pry it from my hand

He worked the railroad for a dollar a day.
His old lady put the money in the bank.
She saved away the pennies, nickels, and dimes.
When the stock market crashed they said it was a crime.

He broke his back on the railroad tie.
Hurt him so bad it made his dead mama cry.
The taxman collection came to take the house.
He took a match and he burned it to the ground.

This is my house. This is my land.
You take it from me when you pry it from my hand.

The sheriff said Billy drop the gun you're in trouble
He wasn't scared he'd been in jail before.
Billy said he'd leave this world on the double.
Happy and naked just like the day he was born,
But the lawman brought him down and off to jail he went

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