Among all the options to engage your time this weekend, my favorite may have been the young performers from the QC Rock Academy who played showcase sets in the tent at Kelly's on Friday night.  All of these teenage musicians were impressive, and some were flat-out AMAZING!  The picture above is a 13-yr old guitarist named Mason Collins from the band "Hum Hum & The Crash".  I noticed right away, his poise, his accuracy, and his confidence on stage ... and I was even more blown away to learn that it was THEIR FIRST GIG!!  Be on the lookout, 'cause we're gonna be seeing MUCH more of Mason.

I am happy to say that all the musicians that night impressed the hell out of me, and for that reason I have just become a mega-fan of the QC Rock Academy.  The coaching they're giving to these young musicians is top notch and they deserve a standing ovation just like their "students".  So please, stand up and take a bow!