The QC Leadville 6 is made up of John DeDoncker, Curt Johnston, John O'Brien, Rick Fountain, Pat Miletich, and John Byrne. They are six Quad Cities runners who have been training to run in the Leadville Race Series.

The Qc Leadville 6 will run in the "Race Across the Sky," a 30-hour, 100-mile run that takes place in Colorado. Along with training, the group has also been raising money for the HAVlife Foundation and SEAL-NSW Family Foundation.

This weekend the guys will be hosting a 24-hour run fundraiser at Bettendorf High School's football stadium. The QC Leadville 6 will be there from 2pm Saturday, July 9th to 8 pm Sunday July 10th. If that sounds like 30 hours, just know that there isn't much difference between running 24 and 30 hours.

"Please come out and run with us, cheer us on, poke fun at us, have a beverage while you watch us sweat, etc. Don't forget to bring us your loose change and some little and big bills to help us in our quest to raise $25,000." -Pat Miletich.

If you can't make it out to donate towards the QC Leadville 6's goal of $25,000, you can donate online here.