If you're the principal of a school, you really shouldn't have sex AT the school. And you definitely shouldn't have sex at the school WHILE classes are in session.

And you ABSOLUTELY shouldn't have sex at school while classes are in session with EVERY DUDE who happens to swing by.

35-year-old Annie Seifullah was the principal at Robert Wagner Secondary School of Arts and Technology in Long Island City, New York... but was just FIRED for her epic amount of SCHOOL SEX.

Apparently she had sex in the school while classes were in session with the assistant principal, a security guard, AND one student's FATHER. Not all at the same time... at least as far as we know.

She ended up moving in with the student's father, but they broke up when he found out she was having sex with other men at the school. He turned over some incriminating photos, video, and audio to the Department of Education.

Annie was fired and she could be facing criminal charges for misconduct for having sex on school property.

This Racy photo was found on her WORK computer:

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