Two employees at a Circle K convenience store in Globe, Arizona got a call from someone pretending to be Circle K's head of corporate security. He told them the silent alarm was going off and they had to take care of it.

The pranker told them to spray fire extinguishers all around the store, then throw those fire extinguishers through the windows, destroy all the merchandise, and finally destroy the registers, security cameras, and computers.

In less than five minutes they completely trashed the store, smashed every single window but one, and did about $30,000 in damage. Somehow the two employees never caught on that it was a prank.

The store shut down for about 12 hours while the windows were boarded up, but Circle K wouldn't say whether they plan on firing the employees, the cops say they won't be facing criminal charges. The guy who made the prank call could be facing charges but the cops don't have any suspects.