What if you're a mailman and you LOVE everything associated with your job: The snazzy outfit, the spiffy car with the steering wheel on the wrong side, the constant days off... all are awesome.

But, there's one part of the gig that really don't care for: the part where you have to go mailbox to mailbox and actually "deliver" mail. Well, there's mailman in Georgia in the EXACT same boat.

He hates delivering mail. So, he drove his little jeep into the woods and delivered ALL the mail right there in the middle of the forest. Is that so bad?

An investigation is underway to determine who is responsible. (Hint: probably a mailman.)

Check out the video. WOW! That's a crap ton of mail. If you were involved in the recovery and clean up of all the this mail, wouldn't you be tempted to look for birthday cards that might have money in them? Yeah, me neither.

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