This video shows dog owner Terri Franklin confronting a Snowflake, Arizona police officer who threatened to arrest her dog for being "vicious and large." A representative for the police department says that the officer did nothing wrong.

"So today a woman was scared to get into her car because my pit bull barks and growls when someone gets too close to my car, even though she is the most loving dog she just is protective of me and my vehicle. This woman called the police instead of coming into the store and asking for the owner of the car/dog. Police officer shows up and asks me to roll up the window which I immediately do and apologize to the woman for my dog scaring her. Officer proceeds to demand my driver's license. I, of course, refuse as I have done nothing wrong and then ask him if I am under arrest."

The report indicates the officer was dispatched to the scene because a woman claims she was unable to get into her car because of “two aggressive dogs.”

The incident took place outside of a Dollar General store. Terri Franklin was inside shopping and her dogs were in the car.

The dogs allegedly made menacing gestures towards the woman who reported the incident, and in the incident report the officer writes one of the dogs was “barking and growling, showing its teeth and acting extremely aggressive.”

The officer then goes into the store, locates Franklin and asks her to roll up the windows of her car, according to the report. “The lady almost immediately became very belligerent, raising her voice and yelling,” the officer wrote in the incident report.