I love stupid criminals. They keep the lights on in our building and put food on our table. And I swear, if the P.C. police take them away, I'm going to do something stupid myself.

18-year-old Shawn Bartis of Warwick, Rhode Island did something very stupid earlier this week.

He got caught on Sunday stealing the hubcaps off a police car, in the police station parking lot. He was arrested for larceny and tampering with an automobile. The Warwick Police Department posted about the crime on their Facebook page, and added the "Forrest Gump" quote, "Stupid is as stupid does."

Warwick Police Department / Facebook

Well, Shawn's brother complained that it wasn't nice to call Shawn "stupid" since he's "a good kid who made a mistake and has an obsession with certain things." Apparently a few other people complained too. The police department actually caved, and edited out the quote calling him stupid. You win, social justice warriors.

In the interest of not besmirching a young man for his mistake, the picture and jocularity has been removed-thanks to a...

Posted by Warwick Police Department on Monday, January 4, 2016