You know how kids draw those Thanksgiving turkeys by tracing their handprint and coloring it in? I think it's safe to say this is the first time in history one of those drawings has fought crime.

The police in Ypsilanti, Michigan had been getting a lot of calls about a 51-year-old guy who would flash people and also sometimes destroy his neighbors' grass and flowers with poison and fire.

They finally went to his house on Thanksgiving morning to have a conversation with him, but he refused to come out.

The officers decided to try to lure him outside with a bizarre plan. They got one of those hand-turkey drawings, put it on a stick, and planted it on his front lawn. Then they walked away, while keeping surveillance on the house.

Ypsilanti Police Department

And the plan worked. The guy was intrigued by the random turkey drawing on his lawn, so he went outside to look at it and the cops ran over to finally talk with him. The conversation clearly didn't go great for him, since he was arrested for indecent exposure.

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