Two cars crashed into each other on a highway in Palm Bay, Florida on Sunday morning. One went off the road, rolled down an embankment, and caught fire while the driver was trapped inside.

Luckily Officers Steve Shytle and Ryan VanNote got there in time. A bunch of people who saw it all happen helped get the driver out.

They still had to get back up the embankment because it was pretty steep, and they kept slipping. Six people at the top formed a human chain and pulled them up.

Here's the weird part. It's not clear if the guy was shaken up or something, but he kept resisting them. The cops had to put him in handcuffs, which made the whole thing a lot harder. They still got him up, and someone got it all on video.

They still haven't released the guy's name, but he only ended up with minor injuries. The other driver wasn't hurt.

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