Kaitlin Kouts and Tiffany Revay were waiting for a pizza last Friday in Lufkin, Texas and they decided to kill time by playing "Pokemon Go".

They started walking through a nearby park to look for a "Jigglypuff", which is one of the characters you're supposed to find. Instead, they ended up finding an injured puppy.

It was about four months old, they're not sure what happened to it, but its mouth was bleeding, and it had two broken legs.

While they were trying to help it, the pizza delivery guy finally showed up at their place and called them. It turned out he just finished training to be a paramedic.

He checked out the dog's injuries and used the medical kit in his car to bandage its legs. Then they got it to an animal shelter and it looks like it'll be okay.

It still needs to have surgery on its legs though, so they set up a GoFundMe page to pay for it.


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