Marian Lindquist of Fort Lauderdale, Florida could not get her toilet unclogged on Sunday. She resorted to calling a plumber, who pulled out an 18-inch-long iguana that was stuck inside.

Marian said she used a plunger several times, but the toilet remained clogged. "I put the plunger in, then I pushed on it, but water came up," she said as she recreated the maneuver for 7News' cameras.

Marian then called Roto Rooter. Professional plumber Alisa Scott came to the family's aid. "You just never know what you're gonna get out of there," she said.

Armed with an auger, Scott dug in. Not long after, she discovered what was blocking the toilet. Then she screamed. "We heard this bloodcurdling scream from the bathroom," said Lily. "What would a plumber be screaming about?"

"I said, 'What's the matter?" And she said, 'It's a lizard,'" said Marian.