Roger Anderson, like almost all of us, got fed up with telemarketers calling his home all the time. So he did something about it, he created a robot to keep them on the line for as long as possible.

Anderson created an entire algorithm of clips that he uses to keep a marketer talking for minutes on end. Luckily for us, he now posts recordings of those conversations.

If you want to use the AI for yourself, here are the directions from Jolly Roger:

  1. Press “add call”
  2. Dial my robot at 214-666-4321. While you’re dialing, keep chatting into your phone like you’re trying to get Mr. Jones (“yeah – phone for you”, “okay, he’s coming hang on…”, etc)
  3. Press “Add call” or “Merge call” or “Conference” or whatever will add the robot to the conversation.
  4. MUTE YOURSELF so your background noise doesn’t affect the conversation.
  5. Listen to the call, and hang up when the telemarketer hangs up.

Send a note to or post a message on his website and he’ll send you the recording.

Read more at Jolly Roger Telephone Company.