If you haven't been to the mall in years, don't worry you're not missing much. Something about the mall never changes, and you will almost always see all these people at the mall.

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The Power Walkers: They don't come to shop. All they do is walk in circles and take up parking spaces. In fact if they weren't here maybe you could have gotten a space closer to the door and not the one that was at least a mile away.

The Guy Who Abuses the Christmas Wrapping: Not only are they wrapping the present he bought at the store, but they're also wrapping everything else he has too.

The Mall Santa Who's Way Too Young: Nothing says Santa quite like a 19-year-old kid in a fake beard drinking a Spike energy drink while texting on his cell phone while sitting at a table at the food court. And if you try to get him to become aware of his situation he only flips you off. What a way to be in the Christmas spirit, Santa.

Someone From Your Family: Running into your stepdad at Victoria's Secret shopping for lingerie for your mom has never been more humiliating. At least you hope it was for your mom.

The Angry Manager Abusing Their Staff: Listen, we all get stressed this time of year, but that's no excuse to take it our on your workers. Maybe if you didn't scream at them, they could fold and stack the jeans like they're supposed to. Instead they talk about you behind your back and find ways to steal from the store because screw it this jobs sucks anyway.

The Crying Kid and The Parent That Always Gives In: Listen mom and dad's. Just because Junior is crying that he wants a new Xbox Gears of War pack and throwing a tantrum by lying on the floor of the mall as you drag him by his arm doesn't mean that you should cave in and buy it for him anyway just so he shuts up. What kind of parenting is that?

The Guy Who Waits Til The Last Minute: Nothing says Christmas like the guy who has procrastinated to the very last second and has no idea what to get the people on his list. Instead he ends up at Spencer's or the Walgreens grabbing whatever is closest to the register without any clue what he is doing. Even better if he says something along the lines of "next year I'm going it differently." These people will never change their ways.

The Band of Teenage Girls: Clearly they're not there to shop. Their taking up a parking space, hanging around the food court, and generally just being a nuisance.