There's a short stretch of road in Maine, that leads from Meadow Brook Road to Stafford right along the Carrabasset River.  People keep stealing the signs.  They're having a vote to decide if they should change the name. It's called Katie Crotch Road.

The road sign pilferage isn't the only problem with Katie Crotch Road.

Katie Crotch gets wet sometimes. Being so close to the Carrabasset River, it sometimes floods Katie Crotch and you'll have to watch out for sink holes. Sink holes in Katie Crotch are pretty dangerous they say.  Sucks you right off your path before you grab any sort of protection.

You won't find any crabs, though...Katie Crotch is crab free.  Except for that one time, my buddy Tommy was coming home from a fishing trip and ended up getting in a wreck.  Had a boat load of crabs all up and down Katie Crotch.  He got in a wreck with Jerry who was making a delivery of corn.  Ended up dumping his seed all over Katie Crotch.

So, yeah...they should probably change the name.

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