I'm not sure what the volume is of the standard human rectum. I've actually never thought about it before and I don't really want to think about it this morning. But this guy left me no choice, because dammmmmn.

32-year-old Corey Davis from Scranton, Pennsylvania was busted last week for selling drugs. He ran from the cops, but they caught up and arrested him. When they took him to the station, he told them he had heroin hidden in his no-go hole.

Apparently he was being modest, because he didn't just have heroin up there, he had ALL the heroin up there. He wound up pulling 110 little baggies of heroin out of his poor, overworked rectum.

The cops didn't say how much they weighed, but even 110 empty little baggies would take up a tremendous amount of space and these all had heroin in them. He's facing several felony charges.

Scranton Police Department

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