After a great workout in Atlanta, Falcons Coach Mike Smith and the organization signed former Bettendorf Bulldog and Iowa Hawkeye Pat Angerer!  Details are unreleased, other than he's back in a system that favored his style, and Pat wanted to be healthy before working out in front of anyone.  Rumors had the former Colts second-rounder signing with his former coach Bruce Airens in Arizona, or the Cowboys, and even Green Bay bloggers had him secretly coming to Lambeau for a workout.  All those hopeful articles point to Pat's ability to succeed in the right system, where he can now play healthy behind a big defensive line.

Falcons coach Mike Smith was aware of the hard-hitting Angerer even as they prepared to face the Colts in 2011.  Perhaps he remembered Pat flying all over the field, making or assisting on 10 tackles when he worked out with them today.  Or the integrity and work ethic that put him atop the Colts tackle board.  But Smith was clearly impressed when he was asked about him before that Game in Nov. 2011:

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