Hatchimals are the hottest toy this Christmas. If you're not familiar, they're stuffed animals that literally "hatch" out of an egg.

But they're almost impossible to find in stores or online and they're going for hundreds of dollars on eBay. Which means there are going to be a lot of disappointed kids on Christmas morning.

So some parents have come up with the only logical plan: Blame Santa.

There are a few different letters from Santa circulating around on social media that parents are planning to give to their kids, and they all have the same message: The Hatchimal eggs won't be laid until January, and then Santa will bring them.

While it might not send the best message to shift the blame and shirk responsibility, I can't get that mad at the parents who do it. After all, Santa gets all the credit for the good stuff, he might as well get the heat when you fail.

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