Yesterday was the first day of fall. And what better way to celebrate the end of summer than jogging on the beach? Naked? With the one you love? There's no problem with it, unless it also involves child abandonment.

Cody and Monique Bourgeois are in their thirties, and live near Cameron Parish, Louisiana. From their photos, they look like a fairly attractive couple who parties a little too much.

Tuesday morning, they took their 20-month-old baby daughter to Holly Beach. Pretty much everything after that is a disaster.

The Sherriff's Office got a report a little after 10 A.M. that someone had seen a baby alone on the beach. The cops found her when they got there 15 minutes later, sitting in the sand, two miles from Cody and Monique's Ford Explorer, which was still running.

The police finally found them two hours later, further down the beach, jogging, naked.

Both Cody and Monique have been arrested and charged with child desertion and obscenity, and second-degree cruelty to a juvenile could be next. The cops think drugs might be involved too. Luckily child protective services is investigating.

(Cameron Parish Sheriff's Office)