Life is about to get pretty rough for stoner teenagers with paranoid parents. The Last Chance K9 Services is renting out drug-sniffing dogs.

The Last Chance K9 Services

For just $99 Michael Davis will bring his K9 services to a home to search out anything from drugs to bombs to guns. One couple in Louisville hired TLC because they feared their teen "might have smoked a few joints." After searching their home, the German Shepherd found four grams of heroin hidden in a tube sock.

Davis started his business just last September and his team has already performed over 50 searches. 90% of the time some sort of narcotic is found on the premises. Anything from barbiturates, methamphetamines, heroin, marijuana and cocaine have been found in the bedrooms of teenagers.

Over the past decade these types of companies have began popping up in Kentucky, Chicago, North Carolina and California. "I'm not a snooping parent," one father said. "I want my daughter to be able to trust me, but I gotta protect her. I know girls can be sneaky and hide things in places I wouldn't even think of."

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