A few weeks after he came home from Afghanistan in 2012, 27-year-old Joey Johnson of Fishers, Indiana met his future wife Michelle at a concert. Oddly enough, they shared the same birthday and last name.

Unfortunately, Joey was paralyzed four months later when he crashed his motorcycle, he used to ride to help deal with PTSD. Michelle stuck with him, and they got engaged last year. Their wedding was back in June, but it just made the news. Here's why.

Michelle is a wedding planner, so she handled most of the details. But while she was out of the room at the reception, Joey and his friends rigged up a harness connected to the ceiling, so he could hang from it and stand.

Then when Michelle came back into the room, he surprised her by dancing with her for the first dance. Apparently Joey's not very good at keeping secrets, so Michelle says it was a huge surprise.