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House of Hair Heavy Metal News ~ Vol. 14, Issue 30
This may come as no surprise to listeners of our Saturday night show, House of Hair...but it seems like Dee Snider may have an opinion or two.
This week catch up on Dee's opinion on the new AC/DC album, Spotify's CEO, Twisted Sister reunion, President Trump, Aging, Independent labels, bands…
A Boring Desk Job Helps Your Brain as You Get Old?
Good news and bad news. The good news? A new study found your boring desk job is actually helping your brain as you get older! The bad news? You're devoting all that extra brain power to your boring office job.
A new study out of the University of Cambridge in England found office workers did th…
Cinemark Theater in Davenport Re-Opens August 14th
Cinemark Theaters have been closed nearly 6 months, but they're finally ready to re-open for us to enjoy some movies.
According to Cinemark's website, our location in Davenport will be open again on August 14th.
A message from the company's CEO highlights what going to a movie will look…

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