Weddings have been around for a LONG time and some traditions have stuck for nearly as long. It's time to review some of those that are outdated.

  1. The Bouquet/Garter Toss. Too many times a simple toss turns into a full-scale brawl.
  2. Smashing Cake Into Each Other's Faces. Waste of cake, plain and simple.
  3. Throwing Rice. Ever get hit in the eyes with grains of rice? Ouch.
  4. Bride's Side and Groom's Side. Why keep the two families separated when they're supposed to be brought together.
  5. The Dollar Dance. The guests have already spent a chunk of cash just to attend.
  6. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. These four good luck charms can cause a bigger hassle than they're worth.
  7. Diamond Rings. Diamonds are wildly overpriced and not as rare as you think they are.
  8. Wearing a White Dress. Just think how stressed you'd be trying not to stain a white dress.
  9. Having a Receiving Line. Guests are being kept from the food and that's not right.
  10. Giving out Wedding Favors. The wedded couple already shelled out a lot of money, getting gifts for everyone is just overkill.

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