I admit, I don't go to hotels often, but, I found myself at one in Peoria the other day.

Shoooo-wee this one was a fancy one too! 

So I stepped into the elevator for a ride to the 11th floor.  After walking to my room I stood at the door in disbelief.  I had no idea how to get into my room!  I was given the typical 'credit card looking' hotel room key, but the door didn't have that ATM style slot I was expecting.

(Goose, Townsquare Media)

So I stared at the door for a few seconds, then tried to stick the card anywhere it would fit.  (but as mentioned before there wasn't a slot)

Feeling lost and rather confused, I went back to the elevator for transportation to answers.  Who knew, you just place the card against the circle!  The immediate sensation of "OMG I'm the biggest idiot in the world" slapped me in the face.

Confused by technology that is over 15 years old is a great feeling!