Every year about this time, I get a warm feelin' thinking back to my favorite Blues Fest memory.  If you've seen this before, well.. forgive me but I just wanna tell it again!

I'm pretty sure it was 1995, and we were watching the main stage as it was getting dark.  Legendary Blues Artist Otis Rush and his band were playing.  The River Bandits just finished their game and their fireworks show started... and Otis and his band just jammed for the entire 20-25 minute firworks display!  No Vocals, just a great blues jam .. standing up there on stage in his 15-gallon hat, letting the fireworks rain down right on him and his band!   I looked at my good friend Jamie D'Aprile and said .."THIS  is why I live here, Bro..!!"   And as a new resident of the Quad Cities ...He agreed.

I know practically everybody has a favorite Blues Fest memory to smile about, but let's make a few more this weekend, whad'ya say !!




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