14-year-old Jordan Peacock in O'Fallon, Illinois hasn't had an easy life, but he's had an even harder year.

He was born with only one arm due to a birth defect and he also has some developmental issues. Back in April, his dad had a stroke and passed away nine days later. So the last eight months have been pretty hard. But check this out.

Jordan is really into bowling and he's on the junior varsity bowling team at his high school. His dad was a big bowler too, that's where he gets it. His team had a match against another school last Thursday that Jordan wasn't even supposed to bowl in.

His coach decided to sub him in for another kid at the last minute. And then without even warming up he got 12 strikes in a row and bowled a perfect game.

Everyone in the place went nuts, including kids from the other school. According to his mom, it's something his dad never even did. He bowled a 299 four times, meaning he got 11 strikes in a row. But all four times, he left one pin standing on his final frame.

Unfortunately he wasn't there to see his son bowl a 300 last week. But in Jordan's eyes, he was. He told the local news that he thinks about his dad every day, and that, "He's always watching me bowl."

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