Josh Stockinger is a 28-year-old guy in St. Louis who's got a prosthetic arm. I'm not sure why, but that's not the only issue he has.

He got a call from a car dealership on Saturday, apparently they did some work on his car and he never returned the rental they gave him. He threatened them over the phone and was pretty angry when he showed up to return it. The dealership called the cops, it turned out there was a warrant out for his arrest.

When a cop showed up to arrest him, Josh shoved him, then beat him over the head with his prosthetic arm. It's not clear if he took it off and used it as a weapon, or just hit the cop while it was attached. But the cop ended up in the hospital with a gash on his head, and needed three stitches.

This is the best part. After he got arrested, the cops took Josh's arm as evidence. He's facing charges for resisting arrest and first-degree assault on a law enforcement officer. No news of when he'll get his arm back.

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