I've made some strange friends with this Calendar that we've put together these last 5 or so years..Some have been photographers, some models, some car owners.  It's funny how you tend to hang with people who think the same way.  I look forward to another calendar shoot with some of these old friends, and can't wait to meet some new ones!

One of these friends, Oldsmobile Jerry, we met because our first calendar had no Oldsmobiles in it at all, so I told him to enter his own car. Which he did the following year, and it made it in to the calendar by about 150 votes.  Thus began a series of misadventures.

He and his wife and family are great people. Happy to know them.  Jerry will be shooting the calendar this year, officially, for the first time.  No thanks to his photoshop skills, an example of which is below.  Since I did not show up last weekend for the engine swap in his Cutlass, he magically made me appear...Now if only next time I was enjoying a beer and NOT working, it wouldn't have appeared so fake-looking!

Jerry Peterson